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  • couplefirsthome

    Contingencies For Buying Homes In Salt Lake, Ut

     Buying a home in Salt Lake is an exciting experience, especially if it is your first home.  As you go through the process of home buying, however, there will inevitably be a point in time where you experience the “What Ifs”.What if’s” are those doubts that creep into your mind after the rose colored glasses […]

  • proof-of-funds

    Proof Of Funds vs Pre Approval

    What does “Proof of Funds or Pre Approval” On a Listing Mean? One of my buyer clients saw this phrase the other day on an active listing, and being a client who always follows the instructions from her very favorite, wonderful, knowledgeable and beautiful Realtor (ok, well I get carried away sometimes), she called me […]

  • Is 2012 A Good Year To Buy A Home?

    Is 2019 A Good Year To Buy A Home In Utah?

    Well, lets see….interest rates this week are hovering around 4-4.5%…still pretty low, home prices are inching up….Homes are staying on the market a little longer  in Utah, and although it is Not a buyers market, buyers have a better chance of getting the price they want in certain price ranges (hint…Not under $250,000), but with the […]

  • Child girl make mess, flooded kitchen imitating swimming pool, funny concept

    How To Lose Your Home in Less Than 10 Minutes

    Most people think that having condo insurance is like having renter’s insurance, you need to cover your personal possessions and the rest is covered by the master policy of the HOA, right?  That’s what you pay your HOA dues every month for…well, sorta right.  Here in Utah we have Utah Condo Law that specifies ,( […]

  • A Great Bath Is Better Than..

    A Great Bath Is Better Than….

    I love a great bath. My idea of a perfect end to an evening is a hot bath scented with my favorite vanilla and lavender bath soak and coupled with a great book or some soothing music.So, lucky for me that I get to talk about updating your bath room and perhaps your tub as […]

  • short sales are not really short

    Short Sales Are…

    Not Really Short! I had a client come to me once with the request that we only look at short sales.  My natural question (after I picked my jaw up from the floor) was “Why”?  Her answer was that she had heard these homes were the quickest to buy, because the seller wanted a “short” […]

  • familyonechild

    Can You Just Make Short Sales Easy?

    The Answer is….No.  Less painful….yes! Some Agent’s thinking (although this is becoming less and less all the time, especially with the new Short Sale Addendum to the Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract) is to collect offers on short sales  and send them all in to the bank and let the bank sort them out. If […]

  • curbappeal

    Curb Appeal-Believe it or Not…

    CURB APPEAL TOPS MY LIST! Whenever we meet with sellers to counsel with them about putting their home on the market, one of the first items I bring up is Curb Appeal(Steve’s is the garage, but more about that later).  It’s one of my pet peeves (along with black bananas on top of the fridge, leaving […]

  • Walkability Score

    Walk-abilty Score -What The Heck Is That?

    Walk-ability Score – What is it and why do I need one? I get a lot of questions about the “Walkability Score” section of property details on my search site www.searchsaltlakehomes.com, so thought I would give you a cool and efficient explanation of said component. Walk Score is a company which “analyzes hundreds of walking […]