About Us

A Little More About Us Cause Inquiring Minds Want To Know

So…What Do We Do?

Well, we help people get into the right homes.  In the present day market in Utah, there are a lot of choices out there, both for buyers and for sellers.  We help you make those choices.  How?  By providing the best information, the best analysis of the homes for sale in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, by providing the best market analysis of your present home so that it can sell quickly and efficiently, by providing negotiating skills and expert follow through with all the myriad details of the transaction, and always protecting your interests.

We are family oriented (we should be with 6 kids and lots of grandkids) and we consider all our clients family as well, so we treat you with honor and respect. A great deal of our business is first time homebuyers who are looking for help and guidance and we feel like Mom and Dad to most of our first timers. We love em all, and it is so exciting to see first time homebuyers find that perfect home.  There is nothing like it!

Now…What did we do BR (before Real Estate)

Before Real Estate, Deborah (that would be me) was in travel, owning my own cruise company (ask me about that cause I LOVE to cruise) and working with groups…traveling all over the world (which has always been my passion).  But after quite a while, I needed more of a challenge than I felt I had in escorting groups,  so I found another area where I could help people in a more visionary way. I now help people “find their way home” and have been successful in this new life for over 17years.

Before real estate,  Steve was in “Corporate America” owning an auto parts distribution center with several retail stores (I know, boring!).  After he merged his business with a larger conglomerate, he became President and CEO of a franchise organization.  One of his responsibilities in this position was to secure properties for new franchise locations.  So, with this experience, it was a natural move for him when I finally convinced him that Real Estate was a much more fulfilling and exciting career.

What Are Our Strengths

Steve’s strength is in the numbers. Market Analysis is an important part of any real estate transaction, and he is excellent in determining value and then negotiating it.  So, when it comes to selling your home, Steve can pinpoint where you need to be to get the most out of your present home, as well as knowing just what to offer on your new home.  He is also experienced in New Construction (he worked for a homebuilder for several years) so he is a great one to be in your corner when negotiating on new construction as well.

Me, I’m great at listening.  I ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers so I can help you translate that into a  true vision of your new home. When looking at homes, I can help you see the potential for it to be what you envision, but will also explain why a home might not work for you, keeping you focused on what you Really want.   Marketing and tech is my forte’ as well, so if you need your home sold…I help you to get it there, by staging your home, devising a marketing plan unique to your current home, and general handholding (either buying or selling or both) throughout the whole transaction.

We are passionate about real estate, we are convinced there is never a bad time to buy good real estate, especially in Utah, where we don’t see the extremes that other parts of the country do.  Together we make a great team!   Well, until Steve starts watching football…then….well, that’s another story.