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Curb Appeal-Believe it or Not…


Whenever we meet with sellers to counsel with them about putting their home on the market, one of the first items I bring up is Curb Appeal(Steve’s is the garage, but more about that later).  It’s one of my pet peeves (along with black bananas on top of the fridge, leaving the toilet seat up in the photo tour, and my biggest peeve… that blasted Travelocity gnome).

Curb appeal in my humble opinion is the first home improvement to consider and it alone can truly make or break not only the sale of your home, but in getting the most amount of money for your property.

On a side note, this is especially true for homes that are ” flipped”. Real Estate Investors spend literally 10s of thousands of dollars remodeling the inside of a distressed or foreclosed  property, and forget about the first impression.  They leave the yard a mess with no lawn, weeds growing in the garden, fences in need of repair, then want Top dollar for their efforts on the interior.  Read this Investors….make an effort on the outside as well as the inside. Your efforts will be rewarded, I promise you!

Ok, off my rant, however, I cannot tell you how many times I have had buyers in my car and we have driven up to a prospective home only to have the buyers turn their noses up and want to leave because of bad curb appeal such as:

  • Several cars in the driveway, most obviously not working
  • Lawns unkempt (love that word) and not mowed or edged
  • Toys, bikes and the left over Saturday Night Party bottles on the front lawn
  • General Mediocrity

Now, most of you who would be reading this do not have the first 3 to contend with, but the mediocrity item is what I want to touch base on.  Dull and boring no matter how neatly your lawn is kept does not give a potential homebuyer warm and fuzzies when they are looking at your property.  Your welcome to them should be in the form of first impression appeal, kind of like flirting with them….hey I’m beautiful, come buy me statement.

So put some color and grace into your first impression , let buyers know they will feel comfortable and at home here… plant some flowers , bushes, put a rocker on the front porch, get flirty with your perspective buyers .  Just don’t put one of those Travelocity gnomes in your garden.

As always, if you have questions or need help, give us a call.

Til later, ciao

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