Simply put, a buyers agent represents the buyer, in the same way that a listing agent represents the seller.  Wikipedia puts it this way:

Buyers as clients

With the increase in the practice of buyer agency in North America, especially since the late 1990s in most areas, agents (acting under their brokers) have been able to represent buyers in the transaction with a written “buyer agency agreement” not unlike the “listing agreement” between brokers and sellers (often referred to as a sellers agency). The real estate licensee, upon entering into a written agreement with a buyer, agrees to work solely for the buyer and in return, the buyer agrees to exclusive representation. [1][2]
At this point, a real estate brokerage owes the buyer the duties of:

  • Loyalty to the buyer by acting in the buyer’s best interest.
  • Confidentiality by not disclosing facts that could influence the buyers ability to negotiate the best terms.
  • Disclosure to other parties in the transaction that the licensee has been engaged as a buyer’s agent.

The broker negotiates price and terms on behalf of the buyers and prepares standard real estate purchase contract by filling in the blanks in the contract form. The buyer’s agent acts as a fiduciary for the buyer

Ok, I know this was a little dry,

Really, What Is A Buyer's Agent?
Really, What Is A Buyer’s Agent?

but remember this IS the online equivalent of a dictionary, and the number one rule of a dictionary is to BE BORING.

So, Really, What is a Buyer’s Agent?  Your best friend if you are buying a home.  We,( and did I mention we are buyer’s agents?) are zoned in to represent you in the purchase of a home. We know loans, we know inspections, we know negotiation, we know value of homes here in Utah.

A Buyers Agent’s Responsibility Is…

  • Educating you on the process and nuances of buying a home
  • Listening to you to help you narrow down the priorities in the search for your home,
  • Analyzing and providing information on value for the home you find and fall in love with,
  • Negotiating the right price and terms for YOU, and
  • Protecting you by overseeing the myriad details of appraisals, inspection, title work, loan process, and finally,
  • Attending the closing to make sure that your interests are always protected.

We take care of everything from beginning to end for you, leaving you with only the most important tasks…. like packing to move to your new home.

The Best Part!

The best part about using a buyer's agent is that it costs you nothing!The best part about using us as buyer’s agents?  The Cost.  Nothing, nada, zero.  You get to pick our brains, use our services, hear our bad jokes (well, Steve’s are bad…I am more choosy), interact with us, call us with any questions (and by the way, we get this with most phone calls:  “Debbi, I have a really stupid question…”,  oh contraire say I…there is no such thing as a “stupid question” except maybe “Do you know where my kids are?“..Have to draw the line somewhere),

Anyway, back to the subject, yes, we do get paid, but we get paid from the agent that lists the property.  The listing agent negotiates a set commission from the seller when they agree to market the property.  Part of that commission is set aside for the agent that brings the buyer to the home.  Make sense?

We are like a listing agent…only better

Unlike a listing agent who is under contract to sell specific homes, we are free to find the right one for you! Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t list your home if you have one to sell before you can move on, in fact we only take listings from clients we are helping to buy another home

( Yes, we do charge a commission for selling homes, cause well, if we didn’t our broker would be mad, Buying or Selling a home can be stressfuland the buyers agent that brought the buyer would be mad…and the whole thing would be a mess!) .

My point is (however belated it might be) is we know that the whole process of selling the present home and purchasing another is quite overwhelming and stressful to most people, so we try to take that stress from you by helping you through the entire process.  If you have someone that totally understands your motivation, and especially someone who is privy to the terms and conditions of buying your next home, then you can relax and contemplate either the meaning of life, or what color you are going to paint the new kitchen…what ever comes to mind first.

Our motto isLess stress=Happy Client Who Refers Us To Others”. (blatant commercial there). If you are buying a home, it just makes sense to use a buyers agent.

So go ahead, call us, put us to the test.. we will help you find home.